Are you looking for some ‘Morning Motivation’ for your business meeting? Or maybe a healthy and tasty lunch? Capistrano has been proudly providing catering services to the Downtown core for years. We specialize in providing the perfect selection for your intimate team of 6 or your vibrant department of 36.

Whether it’s a platter of made-from-scratch muffins & scones, freshly baked pastries or a selection of grilled panini, house-made soups or fresh salads, we have the solution for your catering needs.

Coffee & Tea

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Small Carafe

Serves 8 – 10

$12.00 (add $2.00 for Fair Trade)

Large Carafe

Serves 16 – 20

$20.00 (add $3.50 for Fair Trade)

Available Roasts

  • Mocha Java (light)
  • South Pacific (medium)
  • Continental Dark (dark)
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Fair Trade & Organic)


Carafe of Hot Water and

a Selection Black, Green & Herbal Teas

$1.50 per Person

**Coffee and Tea includes milk, cream, sugar and cups**

Morning Start Up


Morning Breakfast Platter

Selection of Fresh Muffins, Scones and Pastries.

Small Platter (serves 8 – 14)


Large Platter (serves 18 – 24)


Fruit Tray

Seasonal Selection of Fresh Fruit

Small Tray


Large Tray





Assorted Grilled Panini

$7.75/person (minimum 6 person order)


Assorted Grilled Panini plus Side Soup or Salad

$10.50/person (minimum 6 person order)


Assorted Grilled Panini, Side Soup or Salad & Dessert Platter

$12.00/person (minimum 6 person order)

Things to know:

All panini are made fresh to order, grilled and wrapped in halves allowing everyone to enjoy the variety or personally adjust their portion size.

Delivery is free within the downtown core otherwise a minimum $5 delivery charge will be added to your bill.

Minimum 24 hours is required to place order or make changes to an existing order.


  • The Sicilian with Grilled Chicken, Roasted Red Pepper, Provolone & Pesto
  • Espresso Braised Beef with Celery Root Slaw
  • Apple with Double Smoked Bacon Grilled Cheese with Cheddar & Brie
  • Pacific with Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Spinach, Red Onion & House-made Pickle
  • Avocado Chicken with Grilled Chicken, House-made Guacamole, Bacon, Tomato & Cheddar
  • Muffeletta with Sweet Capicolla, Calabrese Salami., Smoked Ham, Olive Tapenade & Provolone
  • Mediterranean with Roasted Eggplant, Artichoke, Hot Peppers, Red Onion, Chevre & Sundried Tomato Pesto


  • Kale Caesar with Smoked Bacon, House Croutons & Shaved Parmigiana
  • Mixed Greens with Toasted Almonds,Cranberries ,Chevre & Strawberry Vinaigrette


Weekly Feature of House-made from scratch Soup

Coffee Break


Cookie Platter

Selection of Fresh Baked Cookies

$0.85 per Person (Minimum 8)

Dessert Platter

Selection of Fresh Cookies & Squares

$1.75 per Person (Minimum 6)



Regular Cold Beverages

Selection of Pop and Fruit Juice

$1.45 per person

Premium Cold Beverages

Selection of Iced Teas and San Pellegrino Waters

$2.14 per Person

How To Order

When you are ready to order or if you simply have any questions either

call us at 519-763-8905


email us at

We look forward to providing the best service for your catering needs